“... when Fay and I first went to live at 99 Stellavista, just before our marriage broke up, the colony was still remembered as the one-time playground of movie stars, delinquent heiresses and eccentric cosmopolites in those fabulous years before the Recess. Admittedly most of the abstract villas and fake palazzos were empty, their huge gardens overgrown, two-level swimming pools long drained, and the whole place was degenerating like an abandoned amusement park, but there was enough bizarre extravagance in the air to make one realize that the giants had only just departed.”

J.G. Ballard on Vermilion Sands 1971

Stellavista (Poço da Morte), 2018

Inkjet print on cotton paper
(3) 104 x 69 cm

© 2020 Henrique Pavão