Junkspace not always recovers from you (2020) is a two channel video installation, resulting from a ferry trip from Stockholm to Tallinn, back and forth.
The romantic images of the open sea and deserted areas of the boat took place at dawn while most passengers were drunk by the tax-free booze sold on board.
This trip is known as a cyclic destructive journey, hence most passengers never leave the boat, on a journey where the destination becomes the starting point. This phenomena breaks the temporality interlinked with the idea of non-sites or as the architect Rem Khollaas named them – “Junkspaces”.
Overlapping each frame of the film we can read two words; Smash and Honk, taken from two iconic paintings by the American artist Ed Rusha. The words here recall to the chaos we don’t see in the images; of glass braking - “Smash” and people vomiting - “Honk”.

Junkspace Not Always Recovers From You, 2020

2-channel video installation (16 mm film transferred to digital, b/w, silent, 2’12”, loop)

Dimensions variable
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