“The footage in this work derives from different locations, from ancient monuments, to dams and hotel rooms and are combined with diverse content found in the web. A throwback to Pavão’s fetish places, often crude, creating an intertwined narrative where actions hit extremes, from containment to gush: the moment right before the predator throws itself on its preys, anticipating full voracity; an uncontrolled and almost violent water stream. Time passing marked by the relentless movement of the fan, suddenly menacing. The tropical “Matapalo” tree becomes a symbol of an internal struggle for personal and artistic growth.”

Luísa Especial, 2020

One Last Longing, 2020

HD video ( b/w & colour, sound 8’18’’)
Dimensions variable 

Sound Design & Composed by João Poppe Toulson

Supported by DGARTES - Direção Geral das Artes

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