Romantic Ruins & Ruins in Reverse is a group of six sculptures, divided between three exhibitions happening at the same time: Fallen Between Cracks, KHM Gallery, Malmö, Annual Exhibition ’16, Malmö Art Academy and Grant Holder Show, Royal Academy of Arts, Stockholm.
It all started after I realised that, by bringing asphalt pieces from construction sites (outside) to my studio (inside), they would crack with the passage of time. Those moments of destruction where later documented by being frozen into plaster. The plaster casts were afterwards elevated by pedestals made out of the same material of its origin (asphalt) that eventually will end up collapsing, as it happened with the original.One rises from a ruin and the other falls into a ruin.

Romantic Ruins & Ruins in Reverse, 2016

Asphalt, plaster
Dimensions variable

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