antes e depois de antes is a site-specific work taken into account the Culturgest building in Porto, namely the old bank vaults.
Sixteen apparently minimal asphalt sculptures are locked inside the strong room of the building. They are left alone in the space and without any kind of influence they find their natural way in time, which leads to their collapse. This process of decay is registered by a system of sixteen surveillance cameras. The videos are later shown on fifteen out of sixteen monitors on the first floor, screening what had happened in the strong room (right under). Each of the monitors functions almost like a portal between an unfinished past and a reopened future. On the 16th monitor one can have a live view, of what is or isn’t happening in the strong room as it remains locked during the exhibition period and completely inaccessible to the viewer.

“The focus placed on temporality, observation and inaccessibility is carried over from his previous work, but is now inextricably interlinked to the architectural structure of the former bank headquarters.
The permanent surveillance of the degradation process of sculptural objects, which are almost mini- mal when made, but progressively converted into debris, reveals a passion for the scatology of time, which is a reflection of our own transitory nature.”

Delfim Sardo, 2017

antes e depois de antes, 2017 

Asphalt, wood, real-time video circuit, 15-channel video installation, video loop
Dimensions variable

Installation view, ‘antes e depois de antes' Culturgest Porto

Photo Henrique Pavão

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